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Scorpio Soul Shield

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General info[edit | edit source]

Scorpio soulshield is a lvl50 defensive soulshield set.
Each piece has its HP + 1 main stat + 1 secondary stat.
Each piece can be max fused using Crafted Silverfrost Critical Soul Shield Primer 8.
Only max stats are listed below.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Each piece drops from Awakened Necropolis 6-men purple dungeon. Dynamic quest chest has a high chance of giving you 1 random piece.

Set Bonuses

3/8 5/8 8/8
Heroic HP 820 Defense 248 HP 3470
Evasion 148

Scorpiondemon full.png

Lv 50 Scorpio Soul Shield

Set Stats[edit source]

TagIcon Alpha 01.png TagIcon Alpha 02.png TagIcon Alpha 03.png TagIcon Alpha 04.png TagIcon Alpha 05.png TagIcon Alpha 06.png TagIcon Alpha 07.png TagIcon Alpha 08.png
Heroic HP 3320
HP 2190
Critical/Accuracy/Defense 94
Max fuse 157
HP 3480
Critical 230
Block/Accuracy/Defense 98
Max fuse 164
HP 3640
HP 2410
Block/Evasion/Defense 102
Max fuse 172
HP 3800
Accuracy 251
Block/Critical/Evasion 107
Max fuse 179
HP 4110
HP 2710
Block/Critical/Evasion 116
Max fuse 194
HP 4270
Defense 282
Block/Critical/Evasion 120
Max fuse 201
HP 4430
HP 2920
Block/Evasion/Defense 125
Max fuse 209
HP 4590
Critical 303
Evasion/Accuracy/Defense 129
Max fuse 216