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Sage Advice

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Campaignquest.png Sage Advice
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 10, Chapter 3
Preceded by A Rising Threat
Followed by Mushin's Legacy (campaign)
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 558,945 XP
1 Ujara Weapon Chest
3 Blackstone
20 Soulstone Crystal
5 Moonstone Crystal
44Silver.png 60Copper.png
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Dokdan Given how things have developed, I feel it's time you learned more of Mushin. If you intend to face him, you must know him.

  1. Speak with Vanguard Captain Wonyul at the barracks near the Grimvol Encampment
  2. Rouse the Naryu Troops
  3. Defeat the Grimvol Clan 0/12
  4. Storm the Grimvol Encampment
  5. Defeat the Grimvol Clan 0/30
  6. Defeat Daava Sanai
  7. Return to the Naryu Palace
  8. Approach the inner keep of the Naryu Palace
  9. Listen to the order, then accept your fate
  10. Speak with Dokdan the Wise