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Focus Cost 2
Skill icon summoner rumblebees.png
Inflicts [3.00] Wind damage
Range Area Cast Cooldown
16m Target 0.3sec. Instant

Description[edit | edit source]

Rumblebees is the basic and main focus-consuming damaging skill of Summoner class. It is used by pressing/hold the Mouse right click.png or the Key Alphabet T 128.png button.

Depend on how it is traited, Rumblebee can be cast consecutively, become a Damage-Over-Time skill, or is changed into Sunflower.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Complete Chapter 5: Disciple of the Hongmoon School

Trait Trees[edit | edit source]

  • The first branch is focused on dealing weak but quick and consecutive damage.
  • The second branch turns the skill into a long-cooldown and DoT skill that can be cast without breaking stealth (proc by Seed Shroud). The skill is for an uncommon stealth-build used during PvP.
  • The third branch is similar to the first branch, but more damaging and focus-consuming, making it require on some setup in order to maximize its potent.
  • The fourth branch changes the skill into Sunflower

Hongmoon Version[edit | edit source]

It is obtainable via the use of Rumblebees - Volume 2, collected from one of the following:

It allows:

  • The first branch and the second branch of Rumblebees to be cast instantly on CCed target. Instant cast has faster cast rate, guaranteed critical hit and cost no focus.
  • The third branch to have Focus Cost reduced to 2, in case of consecutive cast.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Rumblebees can be cast faster, the closer the Summoner is to the target.
  • The skill gains extra effects when cast on CCed target.
  • Its 1st branch and 3rd branch is useful in 24-man instances that stack up Critical buff.
  • The skill can hit airborne target. This makes Rumblebees a good build to use during PvP.
  • In order to eliminate the cast time of the second branch and third branch, you will need to score a critical hit with the Hongmoon version of Rosethorn
  • Constantly pressing both of the Mouse right click.png and the Key Alphabet T 128.png button will increase the skill input rate.