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Focus Cost 1
Kfm skill roundhouse.png
Inflicts [5.2] damage

Absorbs 5% of Damage as HP

Readies Skill icon kung fu master 1-1-5.png Cyclone Kick On use
Range Area Cast Cooldown
3m Target Instant Instant

Description[edit | edit source]

Kfm skill roundhouse.png Roundhouse is a combo skill for Flying Kick KFMs. It is typically used to ani-cancel as the second of the 3-part Wind Shear combo Skill icon kung fu master 0-1-0.png Iron Shoulder > Kfm skill roundhouse.png Roundhouse > Skill icon kung fu master 1-1-5.png Cyclone Kick.
During Skill Icon Warlock 0 27.png Soulburn / Soul Flare, it is upgraded to Kfm skill awk roundhouse.png Awakened Roundhouse.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Required Level 2 Flying Kick

Talents[edit | edit source]