Restless Spirits

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Campaignquest.png Restless Spirits
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 10, Chapter 9
Preceded by Keepers of the Gates
Followed by Diverging Paths
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Rewards 558945 XP
1 Hongmoon Master Scroll
44Silver.png 60Copper.png
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The Keeper The three Realms are in harmony once more. Fiends no longer tear at the veil to terrorize the living. This warrior ... has done well. Still, the fate of the fourth Realm, the Divine Realm, hangs in the balance.

  1. Return to the Empyrean Stronghold in the Earthen Realm and speak with Nayul
  2. Speak with Sunyung
  3. Cross the bridge and head towards the Empyrean Court
  4. Go to the Empyrean Court
  5. Speak with General Neongsin's Spirit
  6. Defeat the Fiends 0/5
  7. Search the Pak Estate
  8. Go to the Empyrean Courtyard and speak with Sunyung
  9. Go to the Abandoned Manor
  10. Look at the Scroll
  11. Speak with Sunyung
  12. Search the Manor 0/3
  13. Speak with Jinsoyun
  14. Search the Manor 0/2
  15. Transfer Chi to Jinsoyun
  16. Speak with Sunyung