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World map

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World Map.png

The world of Blade and Soul, is a vast extension of land containing two continents (the Southern Continent and the Eastern Continent) with four major zones: Viridian Coast, The Cinderlands, Moonwater Plains and Silverfrost Mountains. Each Zone is further divided into numerous Regions, and each Region contains multiple locations and dungeons. A dungeon is usually accompanied with a Dragonspire. Locations may be Villages, Mills, Posts, Camps, Tradeposts and so on, and will usually have its own Windstride.

Heaven's Reach[edit | edit source]

Heaven's reach map.png

Located somewhat south of the Southern Continent. This is where the tutorial happens.

Main Town: Heaven's Reach

Settlement(s): None

Dungeon(s): Proving Grounds

Viridian Coast[edit | edit source]

Viridian Coast Map.png

Southern part of the Southern Continent.

Everdusk[edit | edit source]

Everdusk map.png

Main Town: Bamboo Village

Settlement(s): Bamboo Lookout, Foshi Pyres, Scouting Party, Blackram South Anchor

Dungeon(s): Abandoned Well, Bandit Hideout, Bandit Stronghold, Defiled Tomb

Gloomdross Forest[edit | edit source]

Gloomdross forest map.png

Main Town: Tanjay Kilns

Settlement(s): Whalesong Cove, Gloomdross Lookout

Dungeon(s): Tainted Grotto, Depleted Goldmine, The Dreamdrift, Goldleaf Foundry

Pondskip Vale & Dragonscale[edit | edit source]

Pondskip Vale.png

Main Town: Jadestone Village

Settlement(s): Croaker Lagoon, Wanderer's Hut

Dungeon(s): Plague Hollow, Lakeside Cache, Necrotic Laboratory

Songshu Isle and Sentinel Coast[edit | edit source]

Songshu Isle.png

Main Town: Stillbrook Monastery

Settlement(s): Roadside Camp, Songshu Pavilion, Claypaw Kennels, Sentinel Outpost

Dungeon(s): Dragonblood Cave, Lair of the Yutay, Adder's Nest, Blackram Narrows

The Cinderlands[edit | edit source]

Map of the Cinderlands

On the Southern Continent, north of Viridian Coast

Tomun Range[edit | edit source]

Tomun Range.png

Main Town: Oakshade Village

Settlement(s): Gunwon Garrison, Tomun Refugee Camp, Earthseer Hermitage, Earthseer Bulwark, Wispwater Spring

Dungeon(s): Sacrificial Chamber, The Underroot, Tyrian Storehouse, Twilight Pagoda, The Darkglimpse

The Scorching Sands[edit | edit source]

The Scorching Sands.png

Main Town: Yehara's Mirage

Settlement(s): The Dry Docks, Shadestone, Sandstone Refuge, Yonkai Work Camp, Raider's Arc, Crimson Command Post, Cerulean Command Post Raptor's Rise

Dungeon(s): Shadowmist Crypt, Yonkai Excavation, Jackal's Dig, The Playpen, Naryu Temple, Forgotten Tomb

Spirestone Canyons[edit | edit source]

Spirestone Canyons.png

Main Town: Clear Sky Village

Settlement(s): Vagrant's Rest, The Great Kiln, Yonkai Skeleton Crew, Yonkai Forward Camp

Dungeon(s): Mandrake Grotto, Grimhorn Scullery, The Ploghollows, Pot Dog Shelter, Jukto's Repose, Bokgon Hideout, Altar of Champions

Razorwing Ravine[edit | edit source]

Razorwing Ravine.png

Main Town: Jaofang Village

Settlement(s): Yonkai Checkpoint, Blindeye Bazaar, Bleachbone Outpost, Crimson Overlook, Cerulean Overlook, Sealed Tomb

Dungeon(s): Jaofang Roofway, Yes Man Fight Club, Smuggler's Den, The Boneyards, Daggerbeak Rookery, Tomb of the Exiles

Moonwater Plains[edit | edit source]

Map of Moonwater Plains

Southern part of the Eastern Continent.

Misty Woods and Brightstone Occupation[edit | edit source]

Misty Woods.png

Main Town: Brightstone Village

Settlement(s): Skyhaven Perch, The Watchtowers, Besieged Camp

Dungeon(s): Twilight Garden, Soulstone Mine, Talus Engineer Corps, Soulstone Deposit, Brightstone Ruins, Skyhaven Stockade

Lycandi Foothills[edit | edit source]

Lycandi Foothills MapB.png

Main Town: Greenhollow

Settlement(s): Hunter's Camp, Lilystalk Tradepost

Dungeon(s): Predator's Den, Teetering Falls, Lycandi Den, Hall of Ogong

Hogshead Pastures and Blackram Shipyard[edit | edit source]

Hogshead Pastures.png

Main Town: Hogshead Hamlet

Settlement(s): Hogshead Mill, Fishing Lodge

Dungeon(s): Old Prison Tunnel, Stark Workshop, E. Fleet Supply Chain, The Pigsty, Augerite Cavern, Blackram Supply Chain

Sapphire Basin[edit | edit source]

Sapphire Basin.png

Main Town: Fishbelly Pub

Settlement(s): Angler's Watch, The Plogstead

Dungeon(s): Dreadtide Arena, The Fish Stock, Snapjaw Passage, Croak King's Court

The Highland Necropolis and Orchard of Souls[edit | edit source]

The Highland Necropolis.png

Main Town: None

Settlement(s): Snapjaw Camp, Bloodscale Post, Soul Ward, Spirit's Rest

Dungeon(s): Highland Waterway, Fallen Refuge, Skittering Tunnels, Pilfered Treasury

Silverfrost Mountains[edit | edit source]

Map of Silverfrost Mountains

Skypetal Plains[edit | edit source]


Main Town: Grand Harvest Square

Settlement(s): Talus Supply Post, Summer Song Cafe, Rural Outfitters, Cerulean Plains Camp, Crimson Plains Camp

Dungeon(s): Tainted Lab, Lumang Lair, Justa Cave, Beastbog

Zaiwei[edit | edit source]


Divisions: Merchants Square, Gossamer District, The Cardinal Gates, Altar of Divine Will

Dungeon(s): Talus Dungeon, Heaven's Mandate, Lair of the Frozen Fang, Avalanche Den, Awakened Necropolis, Desolate Tomb, Sundered Nexus, Cold Storage, Sogun's Lament, Midnight Skypetal Plains

Primeval Forest[edit | edit source]

Primeval Forest.png

Main Town(s): Snowforest Monastery, Northern Expedition

Settlement(s): Evergreen Village

Dungeon(s): Sanctum of the Eight, Ogong's Folly

Shiverstone Range[edit | edit source]

Shiverstone range.png

Main Town: Northreach

Settlement(s): Herbalist's Lodge, Herbside Inn, Explorer's Base Camp, North Outpost

Dungeon(s): The Shrieking Caverns, Chuanka Frost Cavern, Ebondrake Hideout, Frostscale Basin

Gunwon City[edit | edit source]

Map of Gunwon City

Located in the Western area of the Southern Continent.

Faircloud[edit | edit source]


Dasari Palace Gardens[edit | edit source]

Dasari Palace Gardens.png

Settlement: Dasari Palace Gardens

Dungeon(s): Ebondrake Lair, Fallen Aransu School, Snowjade Fortress, Temple of Eluvium

Forgotten Forest[edit | edit source]

Forgotten Forest.png

Settlement: Base Camp, Forgotten Unit

Dungeon(s): Altar of the Old Gods

Coral Shoals[edit | edit source]

Coral Shoals.png

Settlement: Coastal Lookout

Dungeon(s): Coastal Grotto

Celestial Basin[edit | edit source]

Celestial Basin.png

Dungeon(s): West Ritual Chamber, East Ritual Chamber, South Ritual Chamber, Naryu Sanctum, Irontech Forge, Scion's Keep

Solak[edit | edit source]

Solak map.jpg

Southern part of Western Continent

Hantu Scrubland[edit | edit source]

Zasteri Badlands[edit | edit source]

Everspring Forest[edit | edit source]

Valindria[edit | edit source]

Cross Server Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Press F8 to connect. Pair up with other players from other server to challenge variety of dungeons.

Dueling Grounds[edit | edit source]

Press F9 to connect. Spar with friends in private lobbies, or fight against other players in 1v1 or 3v3 in Seasonal Tournaments.

Hongmoon Training Room[edit | edit source]

Press F12 to enter the Hongmoon Training room. Here, you can train Class kills for different builds and practice combat against a variety of Bosses.