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Raven King's Soul

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Upgrade Materials
Raven King's Soul
Icon for Raven King's Soul. Weapon Upgrade and Breakthrough
Tooltip Growth.png Evolution Material
Tooltip Growth.png Transmutable to 3 Raven Feathers
Processed Goods
[[File:{{{fp_img}}}|32px|]] Name

Processing Rate
File:Raven kings soul.png = [[File:{{{fp_img}}}|32px|]]

Acquired from
Dspire.png Skybreak Spire Generals Moya and Shuna

Dspire.png Skybreak Spire The Raven King
General Merchant Icon.png Moon Refuge Merchant Shin Heewon

"Darkness is power."
Requires Level
by All
Unable to Trade
Summontime: {{{summontime}}} hr.
Bound to Account
Durability {{{durability}}} / {{{durability}}}
Sell Price   1 Copper.png
Purchase Price  
Purchase Price   Zenbean.png
Purchase Price   Store Charge.png
Purchase Price   Hongmoon Point Icon.png
Purchase Price   {{{bravery}}} Grocery Coin NokRimBoss.png
Purchase Price   {{{bpoint}}} Map DragonFruit Nomal.png
Purchase Price   {{{henergy}}} Quest blue ball.png
Purchase Price   {{{senergy}}} Solar energy.png

Used as an upgrade material to evolve items. Can be Transmuted into 3 Raven Feathers for purchasing Soul Shields and other items.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Generals Moya and Shuna
The Raven King
  • Merchants
General Merchant Icon.png Moon Refuge Merchant Shin Heewon
General Merchant Icon.png Dragon Express for 10 Solar energy.png / 3 Lovestruck Coin / 3 Blossom Orb / 1 Skybreak Reward Scroll