Rags and Riches

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Campaignquest.png Rags and Riches
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 36
Preceded by The Blood of Mushin
Followed by Masks of Bone
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Podan listened while Dokdan and Jakdan debated. They were discussing whether or not Hong Sokyun's disciple would be a worthy recipient of Mushin's Legacy.

Dokdan argued in favor of the warrior, although he admitted that the Mark of the Black Rose was a reason for concern. Jakdan, on the other hand, was opposed to the idea, bringing up the warrior's appetite for vengeance and the violent outbreak in Sandstone Refuge.

Poden listened in silence as both sages made their points. Finally, during a pause int he conversation, he offered his wisdom. "I'm hungry," he said. Dokdan and Jakdan turned to him questioningly. "The heavens will decide this matter," continued Podan. "In the meantime, let's get something to eat."

Objectives[edit | edit source]