Puppy Love

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Subquest.png Puppy Love
Puppy Love.png
Type Side
Daily No
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Given by Gwan Suji
Starts in Wispwater Spring
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Rewards 1300 XP
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Gwan Suji
  2. Defeat the Bloodhounds (0/12)
  3. Report to Gwan Suji

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. # Talk to Gwan Suji

"Oh! H--hello there. That's right! I am the Great Gwan Suji, Herbalist Extraordinaire, collector of rare and exotic plants. You... you haven't heard of me? Gwan Suji, researcher of remedies, tamer of wild thorns, purveyor of pultices..! Oh well. You've at least heard of my wife, Chun Sunnyo, the greatest cook in Oakshade Village! I bring the spices, and she does the rest! We're a team. (There's no greater duo in the whole continent!) You see... our anniversary is coming up. I want to bring her something to show how much I care. So I thought I'd brave the downpour for a flower that blooms only in the rain!"
What's the problem?
"Those vicious Bloodhounds have got to go! The Tyrian let them just wander the woods. I can't get anywhere near those beautiful blooms! If I don't pick them soon, I'll never make it home in time! (I don't know what else I can do...) What do you say? Will you get rid of those brutish beasts? Do it for love! So help a guy out, huh? They won't stand a chance if you go after them!"

2. Defeat the Bloodhounds (0/12)

3.Report to Gwan Suji

"Thank you, warrior! My wife will be so happy. Chun Sunnyo! The Great Gwan Suji is coming home with a beautiful bouquet of blooms!"