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Campaignquest.png Promises
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 24
Preceded by The Sky's Burden
Followed by A Knife in the Dark
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Rewards 49000 XP
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The man named Doyuhan had sharp eyes, and had the aura of a gallant commander. It was said he was a retired officer of the Stratus Army. Now the man stood in the empty tea room and regarded Yunma Fei with suspicion. "You've gone to a lot of effort to track me down, Miss... what did you say your name was?" "Yunma Fei," she said simply.

"Yunma Fei?" Doyuhan laughed. "Okay, sure. And I'm a Simyu's uncle. Well, what is it you want with me?" "I have heard of your little band of rebels," Yunma Fei said. "I have also heard the whispering of the people. I know that many believe this empire is beginning down a path of ruination."

With a thud, Yunma Fei placed an ornate box on the table and lifted the lid open. Doyuhan stared at the contents, dumbstruck. He had never seen so much gold in his life. "What... what is this?" Doyuhan stammered.

"As I said, at this moment your movement is small," Yunma Fei replied. "But the people believe in your sentiments. They don't trust what the Dominion is becoming, and they want to be heard. We can be their voice."

Yunma Fei drew a silk cloth from her bag and flattened it on the table before speaking again.

"I have come here today to offer you two things," she continued. "The means to raise an army, and a banner to unite them." Doyuhan gazed at the flag that now lay unfurled before him. In the center of the flag was the face of the wind god Fujin, and below it, the words "Skyhaven Resistance." Doyuhan stood a moment in silent thought. Then he drew a dagger and ran the tip along his palm, resulting in a thin trail of blood. Doyuhan offered his hand. "Commander, you have my blade."

Objectives[edit | edit source]