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Blade and Soul has many crafting professions that players can learn once they reach Jadestone Village.

There are many crafting professions, depending on what you want to craft, and certain combination of crafting professions work hand in hand. The crafting system does not require players to run around to gather materials. Instead, one needs only to discover the materials the first time and players are able to order the item and wait for the product.

By default, players can access their professions with the Key Alphabet L 128.png key. It can take up to 24 hours to finish depending on the item ordered.

The Professions are broken down into two categories: crafting and gathering. Each player can choose up to 2 crafting and 2 gathering professions.

They can be changed at any time, but the player will sacrifice all progress in the profession they choose to unlearn. To be more specific, Players will lose all the Guild Rank that they have accumulated in their abandoned profession. However, they still retain the recipes and samples that they already collect.

Crafting Guilds[edit | edit source]

  • Silver Cauldron - Produces healing potions (there are two types: instant heal for a longer cooldown, or a heal over time for a short cooldown) and antidotes for various dungeons.
  • Earthseers - Produces teleport-to-town scrolls, dungeon-escape talismans, and unsealing charms (which you need to identify gear). Can also craft items for learning Windwalk skills.
  • Merry Potters - Provide materials that is used widely by other professions, and gathering tools like Pickaxes and Jars. Can also craft items for learning Windwalk skills.
  • Acquired Taste - Produces foods that heal you over time, or provide buffs. Can also craft items for learning Windwalk skills.
  • Soul Wardens - Produces soul shield plates which you can use to fuse with your main soul shield to get extra stats. Can also craft transformation stones, which is essential for gear upgrade.
  • Forgekeepers - Crafts weapons, weapon skins and repair tools, both normal and field ones. The latter can be used without any campfire.
  • Radiant Ring - Produces Gem/Diamond pouches that can yield various gems/diamonds, which can be sold for a lot of money.

Gathering Guilds & Sample Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Herbside Service - Pairs well with Silver Cauldron and Earthseers. Gathering plants and flowers.
  • Green Thumbs - Pairs well with Merry Potters and Acquired Taste. Gathering soils and crops.
  • Tree Fellers - Pairs well with Soul Wardens and Merry Potter. Gathering woods and tree saps.
  • Trapper's Alliance - Pairs well with Acquired Taste and Soul Wardens. Gathering meat and bones.
  • Fish Network - Pairs well with Earthseers and Silver Cauldron. Gathering shells and fish oil.
  • Stonecutters - Pairs well with Radiant Ring and Forgekeepers. Gathering stones and rare stones.
  • Prospector's Union - Pairs well with Radiant Ring and Forgekeepers. Gathering ore and rare ores.

Samples[edit | edit source]

In order to gather a certain material, the players will have to first obtain the sample of the said material.

Player can get the hints for the location of samples in the Crafting Interface (accessed via Key Alphabet L 128.png button).

Once obtaining the material, the players can progress to order the material.

Sample locations can be viewed in the sections of each gathering professions mentioned above.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • There are seven gathering tutorial quests in Jadestone for each gathering guild; they all give significant amounts of exp. It is recommended to do all of them to have a nice boost in leveling.
  • Collecting samples also gives a nice exp amount in low level areas.
  • Since it always take time to complete an order, it's better to order materials/items whenever they become available to rank up the guild rank. Sometimes, there will be event that boost the guild points gained.
  • Most significant crafting professions are Merry Potter and Soul Wardens.
  • Most profitable one is Radiant Ring, though it would require some gamble and more output (due to long crafting time) to actually become rich from it.
  • Silver Cauldron is also important for crafting antidotes and material for a Hongmoon skill.
  • Nevertheless, all crafting guilds are useful for Clan Crafting, and can craft their own unique set of profession outfits.
  • Most of clan crafted items require at least Rank 3 of a crafting profession.
  • Starting from Rank 3 and above, Soulstone - an important gear upgrade material - will be required in some crafting recipes.
  • You need at least three characters to learn all gathering and crafting professions.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gathering Fish NetworkGreen ThumbsHerbside ServiceProspector's UnionStonecuttersTrapper's AllianceTree Fellers
Crafting Acquired TasteEarthseersForgekeepersMerry PottersRadiant RingSilver CauldronSoul Wardens
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