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Prison Break

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Campaignquest.png Prison Break
Prison Break.jpg
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 9, Chapter 10
Preceded by The Way Out
Followed by Love Lost
Given by [[]]
Starts in [[]]
Also occurs in
Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 443,250 XP
1 Hongmoon Pentagonal Sapphire
1 Hongmoon Pentagonal Amethyst
1Gold.png 38Silver.png 53Copper.png
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Stratus Special Operative Choi Jina "I suppose this is an opportunity for Empress Yunma Fei to get an exlusive, behind-the-scenes tour of Gunwon Prison. This place was designed for the sole purpose of keeping people locked up indefinitely. It's one of the few things the Empire does well. You can almost hear the sounds of inmates losing their sanity. Your students mau be in the third tier block. That's where foreign prisoners and dissenters ussually end up. Getting there is a little tricky. This place uses suspensiong cages and rotating drawbridges to isolate the prisoners. Keep moving and try not to look down. "

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Choi Jina near the suspended cells in Gunwon Prison
  2. 0/6 Follow Choi Jina and defeat the Prison Guards
  3. Enter the open prison cell
  4. Speak with Choi Jina
  5. 0/5 Cross over the suspended cells and defeat the Post Wardens near the other end of the bridge
  6. Search the Crate in the guard post and find the Key Ring
  7. Use the switch to operate the Swing Bridge
  8. Defeat the Prison Guards and search the cell behind them when it opens
  9. Speak with Choi Jina
  10. Leave the second cell and go to the next Swing Bridge
  11. Use the switch to operate the Swing Bridge
  12. 0/4 Cross the Swing Bridge, defeat the Prison Guards and enter the quarantine cell
  13. Speak with the Special Prisoner
  14. Speak with Choi Jina