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Polishing Cloth

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Available during the 7.0 patch Dark Passage special event Summer of Splendor July 22 – August 19.

Polishing Cloth.png

This item is used as a transmute material with 1x Antique Lamp to create 1x Pristine Lamp. The Pristine Lamp grants more/better rewards than the Antique Lamp.

Combine 5x Polishing Cloth to create 1x Special Polishing Cloth which can be used to transmute 1x Antique Lamp into 1x Wishing Lamp. The Wishing Lamp grants more/better rewards than the Pristine Lamp.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

This item can be acquires in a few ways.

  1. Hongmoon Store: Purchase the Wishing Chest for 0 Hongmoon coins. The chest contains 5x Polishing Cloth and 60x Antique Lamp.
  2. Completing Daily Challenges 3/5/7. Each set rewards 2x Polishing Cloth
  3. Dragon Express: Purchase 1x Polishing Cloth for 2000x Angler's Pearls.

Currency[edit | edit source]

This item is also used as a currency inside the Dragon Express.

Dragon Express
Item Cost
1x Stealbreaker Attack Charm 40x Polishing Cloth
5x Steelbreaker Dumpling 40x Polishing Cloth
1x Steelbreaker Resurrection Charm 4x Polishing Cloth
1x Conservatory Attack Charm 30x Polishing Cloth
5x Conservatory Dumpling 30x Polishing Cloth
1x Conservatory Resurrection Charm 3x Polishing Cloth
1x Excellent Hongmoon XP Charm 15x Polishing Cloth
1x Fortune Potion 1x Polishing Cloth