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Title Vice Admiral
Faction Blackram Marauder
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Race Jin
Gender Female
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location E. Fleet Supply Chain
First Quest
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Poharan is the granddaughter of Blackram Admiral Hae Mujin and the Vice Admiral of the East Blackram Marauders. She is a trigger-happy young girl sporting a large machine gun, often accompanied by her Elite Guard Chef Tae Jangum and Elite Guard Barracks Officer Mak Sobo.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

Poharan is first mentioned in a side quest letter, inviting the hero to the E. Fleet Supply Chain. She has a special interest in the hero for some reason and wants to see the hero's strength first hand.

Second Arc[edit | edit source]

Poharan's grandfather, Admiral Hae Mujin, accepted the demons lure of power but ended up consumed by Dark Chi, threatening to turn him into a demon. Tae Jangum and Mak Sobo take the young Vice Admiral Poharan and flee as Hae Mujin holds the Dark Chi at bay for as long as he can. Poharan, determined to save her grandfather, seeks out the hero who she hears has made a lot of trouble for Captain Gwon in Bamboo Village.

Poharan's introduction splash image.

Her crew storm the village, breaking the long standing truce between the Blackram and Bamboo Village, attempting to lure the hero out to ask for their aid. While she goes on a rampage through the village, Tae Jangum attempts to reason with the hero to excuse Poharan's behavior.

The hero refuses to help Poharan who came to the hero on account that they were well acquainted with fighting demons. Frustrated by the hero's resolute stance on not assisting the Blackram, she attempts to prove to the hero that she can also be a good person by helping the hero fight off the Grimhorn in the Sentinel Ruins.

After the hero travels to the Grimhorn Wilds in search of the source of the Dark Chi, they travel through a Dark Dragon Pulse to discover the demons are using corrupted pillars in order to use the Great Dragon Pulse at the Skygate to summon a much more powerful demon. The hero meets Poharan again who is already at the Skygate fighting back demons. The hero once again refuses Poharan's assistance, causing Poharan, in a fit of anger, to refuse to help fight off the summoned demon Garu. At the last moment, she uses missiles to finish off the demon. She chides the hero about being so stubborn, claiming that the hero must not have learned how to be honorable and wise from Master Hong.

She explains that her scouts report that her grandfather is still alive but the demons continue to increase their hold on him. The hero worries that he may be beyond saving which causes Poharan to go on a temper tantrum. In exchange for easing off of pirating along the coastline, the hero agrees at last to help her. They travel to Jadestone Village to meet with Old Man Cho, who explains that they require two more pieces of the Twilight's Edge on top of the piece that the hero already obtained from Priest Hyundam in order to sever the demon's influence on Admiral Hae Mujin. Poharan assists the hero in obtaining a piece from Rahmion in Ebon Hall. She goes to check on her grandfather while the hero gathers the last piece from the Gloomdross Incursion.

Poharan reunites with her grandfather.

With the three pieces reforged, Tae Jangum takes the hero into The Shattered Masts where the hero uses the Twilight's Edge fragments to sever Hae Mujin from the demon encasing him. Poharan runs in and embraces her grandfather, happy to be reunited again.

Poharan comes to see the hero who is recovering in the Healing House at Bamboo Village following the attack on Heaven's Reach by Zulia. She explains that her scouts have seen the new Eight Masters handing Jinsoyun over to the Ebondrake. She offers her assistance in retrieving the remaining pieces of the Twilight's Edge, concerned that the Ebondrake are after it as well. She believes it's the best way to also find the hero's missing students and also sees it as gratitude for helping her grandfather. Despite the hero's refusal for her help, she decides to help anyway.

The next time the hero bumps into Poharan is when the hero arrives at the E. Fleet Supply Chain to ask for passage to Gunwon City. She is called to settle some sort of disturbance, but is surprised to see that it was only the hero and their students. She suggests speaking with her grandfather regarding using his fleet to get to Gunwon City through Faircloud Harbor. She chides her underlings for attacking the hero and their students and asks that they open a Dragon Pulse directly to her grandfather.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Poharan is a boss in the Blackram E. Fleet Supply Chain in both the 6-player and 24-player versions.
  • Poharan appears as a playable character in Master X Master, another game developed by NCSOFT.