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Plague Hollow

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Plague Hollow
Plague Hollow (1).png
Region Pondskip Vale
Nearest Windstride Jadestone Village
Services Dspire.png
Level Requirement 14
Party Requirements Any
Cross Server Matching Yes
Boss Giant Plague Mite
Daily Quest The Infestation
Plague Hollow Map.png

Plague Hollow is home to numerous, poisonous pests. To slow the spread of disease, killing off the Giant Plague Mite that resides in there is necessary. Bak Gaha has the daily quest, The Infestation, which requests the area is cleared of both the smaller pests and the Giant Plague Mite. The dynamic quest, Mighty Mitey, simply asks that the Giant Plague Mite is slain.

The dungeon is riddled with more than fifty minor nuisances in the Young Plague Mites and the Venomous Plague Mites. To aid those in clearing Plague Hollow, there are flamethrowers that can be found on the bodies of deceased adventurers. It has the ability to destroy any of these monsters in one hit, and has a straight line area of effect in front of the weapon. The flamethrower has only a limited number of shots, but there are several that can be found in the deeper parts of the dungeon.

Loot[edit | edit source]

From Items
Giant Plague Mite
Dynamic Quest

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

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