Once Upon a Time in the Cinderlands

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Campaignquest.png Once Upon a Time in the Cinderlands
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 15
Preceded by The Sand and the Fury
Followed by The Gunslinger
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Most men wouldn't fight for a post in the arid Cinderlands, but Colonel Yonkai wasn't like most men. According to the legends, Mushin's Legacy was hidden somewhere in these sands, and Yonkai was determined to have it for himself.

The Legacy was said to hold the power of Mushin himself. Yonkai laughed as he daydreamed about the power promised by such a relic. He could conquer the four continents with that kind of power. He could even live out the rest of his days as Emperor. Surely he deserved it, and the people surely deserved him.

Yonkai crushed a handful of sand in his fist. So far, this operation had been a disaster. However, he smiled once he laid eyes on the warrior. Yonkai knew a good opportunity when he saw it. Perhaps the Legacy would not elude him for long.

Objectives[edit | edit source]