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Old Man Who

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Subquest.png Old Man Who?
Type Side
Daily No
Class [[]]
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Level 14
Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Makgei
Starts in Tanjay Kilns
Also occurs in
Ends in Jadestone Village
Turn in to Rohay Gwang
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards 350 XP
1 Jadestone Return Charm
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Makgei
  2. Talk to Rohay Gwang

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Makgei

"Where... Where did he go?"
"Ah! Don't do that! You can't just go around scaring folks like that."
(I need to get out of this forest.)
What are you so afraid of?
"What else? The Dreamdrift. Everything that comes out of that place these days is a monster or some random warrior who lost their mind in there.
Well, not everyone, I guess. A few days ago, I saw this strange old man run straight into the Dreamdrift. And then a few hours later I saw him dashing away again. It was very unnatural.
It looked like he was heading towards Jadestone Village. You should probably go warn them, right?
I don't know what business a strangely quick little old man has in the Dreamdrift, but it can't be good. Warn the village! Tell the mayor! Here, take this letter!"
"Windrunning old men... Just ain't natural."

2. Talk to Rohay Gwang

"Hm. You don't look like my afternoon meeting..."
"I'm Rohay Gwang, the mayor of Jadestone Village. What can I do for you. I'm very busy."
I have a letter for you.
"Oh boy. Makgei. I get just about three letters from him a week. Between you and me, I think the Dreamdrift is messing with his head."
He seemed a bit off.
"Let's see... Old man... Glasses... Yeah. That's just Old Man Cho. He's a local eccentric. Totally harmless."
(He does associate with some pretty tough warrior-types..)
"Whatever Old Man Cho was doing in the Dreamdrift, I'm sure it's harmless. Thanks for bringing this to my attention."
"If you want to check on Old Man Cho yourself, he's across the lake."