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Naryu Sarasva

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The Naryu Sarasva is an ancient tome which chronicles the death of Mushin and Mushin's Legacy which holds its divine power. It was discovered by treasure hunters called the Scavengers. When conflict broke out within the group, the Scavengers split into the Jackals and the Vultures, each taking with them a half of the Naryu Sarasva.

Yunwa managed to turn the two groups against each other and in the chaos stole one half of the Naryu Sarasva while her partner, Gil, stole the other.

Since it is written in ancient Naryu text, many people are unable to read it. Yehara, one of the few people able to read the Naryu language, translated the following:

"When darkness arose, deep, vicious, and wild, the great Divine Fist completed his trial.

He entered the Dark Realm to vanquish and close the Dark Gate of terror, the source of our woes.

He sacrificed all: gave his life for the realm. Mushin descended; his power remained.

Three wise sages locked his light in a tomb, beneath winged skies, in a sepulcher womb."