Mushin's Army

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Campaignquest.png Mushin's Army
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 21
Preceded by The Three Sages
Followed by Wings of Mushin, Silver and Gold
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Soha poured another drink as she waited for the warrior she met in the desert--the last, living disciple of Master Hong. Was Master Hong truly dead? How could anyone defeat the great Master Hong? Hong was one of the Four Guardians, a fighter so powerful that he was given the name "Eathbreaker." More importantly for Soha, Master Hong was the one who saved her life and set her on a new path.

In the warrior, Soha saw the same burning anger that had once consumed her. Soha took a drink, contemplating the tragic irony that Master Hong's last disciple was now so determined to walk the path of vengeance, the same destructive path that Master Hong had freed Soha from years ago.

If they found Mushin's Legacy, would the warrior try to use it for revenge? Master Hong would never have allowed such power to be used for vengeance, even to defeat his own killer. He had shown Soha that vengeance was a blade that cut both ways. At best, it ends one life and ruins another.

Soha raised her cup in Master Hong's honor. She glanced at the three empty bottles on the table. Master Hong would not have approved of her lack of self-control. Perhaps she should cut back. Then again, perhaps she would start tomorrow.

Objectives[edit | edit source]