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Moonwater Courage Soul Shield

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Lv. 41 Moonwater Courage Soul Shield
EquipGem SuWeolHero1.png
Slot Stats
1st Accuracy 71
Defense 30
HP +540
2nd Evasion 31
HP +1310
3rd Accuracy 33
Block 77
HP +590
4th Defense 81
HP +960
5th Evasion 88
Block 37
HP +670
6th Defense 38
HP +1610
7th Evasion 94
HP +1120
8th Block 98
Defense 41
HP +750
Set Bonus stats
3 pieces Accuracy +31
5 pieces Critical Hit Defense +93
Full set HP +1310 and Defense +56

How to Acquire[edit | edit source]

Purchase from Valorstone.png Hogshead Guild Moonwater Valor Stone Trader Ryujo for 5 Naryu coins each.

Total Stats[edit | edit source]

HP: 8860

Accuracy: 135

Evasion: 213

Defense: 246

Block: 212

Critical Hit Defense: 93

PvE use[edit | edit source]


PvP use[edit | edit source]


Other info[edit | edit source]

The first piece is also Called "Unsung Hero's Oath" and so is the set also called in the item description.