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Mist Slash

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Mist Slash is an Assassin ability gained at level 1. It does instant damage in melee range and restores focus. Dew Slash and Moon Slash are more powerful versions of Mist Slash, and can only be used in succession after Mist Slash. The default hotkey is LMB.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Without using any training points, Mist Slash deals 12-14 [1.00] damage and recovers 1 focus. [1.00] is the Attack Power modifier.

Dew Slash without training points is also 12-14[1.00] damage, +1 focus.

Moon Slash deals 14-17 [1.20] damage and recovers 2 focus.

Mist Slash -> Dew Slash -> Moon Slash is a common combo. After using Mist Slash or Dew Slash, there is a 0.3 second cooldown to use the next move. After Moon Slash, there is a 0.6 second cooldown before using Mist Slash again. Thus, the entire cycle takes 1.2 seconds with no latency, and all of the damage is done after 0.6 seconds.

This means that with 0ms ping, the entire combo's damage is done 0.6 seconds after first using Mist Slash, and the combo can only be repeated 0.6 seconds after using Moon Slash. To calculate how long the combo takes with ping, add your ping to each ability used. So with 100ms (millisecond) = 0.1 second ping, 0.3 seconds are wasted on latency because 3 abilities are used. In this case, all of the combo's damage is done after 0.9 seconds, and the combo is ready to be repeated after 1.5 seconds.