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Title Sandstone Villager
Level ???
Race Jin
Gender Female
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Sandstone Refuge
First Quest
Unknown edit
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Miryung is a Sandstone Refuge villager and was Yujung's best friend.

History[edit | edit source]

Miryung was Yujung's closest friend. She was saddened by her friend's death and angered by Colonel Yonkai's treatment of the villagers. Right before Lusung left the village, he charged Miryung with looking after his parents' bodies. She kept the mirror that Lusung presented to Yujung as an engagement present as a reminder of her friend.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

When the hero goes to investigate Lusung's house on Dokdan's suggestion, she runs in wondering if the hero wanted to spit on Lusung's family like the rest of Sandstone Refuge. She explains how Colonel Yonkai cause the death of Lusung's entire family and how angry she is that no one can move, or even dares to move, Lusung's parents' bodies. She asks the hero to move the bodies into the special urn inside Lusung's home, believing that it would be okay if an outsider moved the bodies.

Colonel Yonkai discovers the bodies missing and immediately drags Miryung into the mines. The hero goes to rescue Miryung and the other miners upon Jinbin's request.

The villagers, fearful of the backlash from Miryung's actions, drag her into the Elder's House to beat her up. Dokdan arrives to drive the villagers out but Miryung is left unconscious by the assault. Jinbin promises the hero to look after Miryung once the hero leaves to continue their journey.

Second Arc[edit | edit source]

The hero receives a message through Dodan that Sandstone Refuge is in dire need of help. When the hero arrives at Sandstone Refuge, Miryung is hiding upon the roof of Lusung's house away from the demonic Grimhorn attacking the village. Despite majority of the villagers fleeing, she had stayed in the village in order to assist the injured. She explains that Dokdan had tried to evacuate as many villagers as possible, but up until then, the Blackram were the only ones willing to help. She remains on the roof while the hero goes to check on Poharan who went into the Sentinel Ruins to fend off the Grimhorn.

Khanda Vihar Arc[edit | edit source]

Miryung sends the hero an urgent message sensing something more sinister brewing in Sandstone Refuge. She asks that the hero come to help. Before the hero arrives however, demonic fiends have already overtaken Sandstone Refuge. Dokdan asks Miryung to stay and evacuate the villagers, but ends up injured in the process. She asks that the hero rescue fallen villagers first before tending to her.

She explains that the air went thick and murky before ravens dove down from the sky, tearing through the village. The demons rose from the ground and ripped villagers apart. She remembers hearing someone laughing through it all. When a masked man appears, the culprit behind it all, Miryung is surprised to see that it is Lusung. Right as Lusung is about to deliver the finishing blow upon the hero, Miryung steps in, begging Lusung to stop. As she is pushed aside, the special mirror Lusung gave to his sister as a wedding present falls out of her sleeve and breaks on the ground. Lusung, plagued by memories of the past, flees.