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Minou the minotaur

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Key point: direct the charging direction of the boss and let it ram into the RED wall; maintain Bleed effect on the boss

Part of the wall in the room will glow red at regular intervals (approx. 50sec). If the boss rams into the red wall, it will go into a Weaken state for ~9s. All the buffs on the boss will disappear and players can attack it conveniently. Unlike other bosses in Naryu Labyrinth, the boss has very high HP recovery; it is important to maintain Bleed status on it at all times.


Left/Right Swing: frontal aoe skill; induce knockback

Wide Chop: 3m circular aoe; induce knockdown. Can be disabled.

Quick Chop: 3m circular aoe; induce knockdown and clear aggro on main tank; attack motion is similar to Wide Chop, but faster

Horn Attack: knock the target into the air, followed by a spin attack. Throw the target far away; clear aggro on target

Axe Spin: Spin 2 times; circular aoe; last hit induce knockdown; can be disabled.

Typhoon: Spin 5 times; slower rotation speed but spin more rounds. Induce knockback.

Bull Leap: Jump and stomp down on target; induce knockdown. If the target is too far away, the boss will keep using this skill.

Mirage Raid: Summon 3 semi-transparent minotaur; attack aoe ~9m frontal Frontal Charge: When the walls turn red, the boss will use this skill twice unless it rams directly into the red wall. Randomly target a party member. Induce knockback. If the boss charges into the red wall, it will enter a weaken state for 9sec. Deal damage to the boss as much as possible; only grab or seize the boss 1 sec before it wakes up.

Aura Burst: circular 7~8m aoe; induce knockdown; boost the boss’s attack.

Stampede: Summon 5 minotaur clones which charge in the frontal direction until they hit the wall; induce knockdown. Iron Wall: surround itself with blue buff, which increases its defence. The buff is stackable; every time the buff stacks, a laser beam is generated and travels across the room. The boss goes into berserk when he accumulates 4 layers of buff. The buff is dispelled when the boss ram into a red wall.

Double Chop: Often use after frontal charge; 1st hit knockback and knockdown players behind the boss; 2nd hit knockdown the players in front.

Laser beam: temporarily paralyze players upon contact. Players can jump over the laser beam or use other dmg resist skill. Appears after phase 2, and as the number of red wall decreases, the number of laser beam increases. However, as the boss ram into the red wall, the buff and laser beam will be dispelled.