Merchant of Wonders

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General[edit | edit source]

The Merchant of Wonders event features the merchant Shin Bihye randomly appearing at the completion of specific dungeons with 8 randomly selected items at discounted prices. The player is allowed to purchase one item each time.

Loot Tables[edit | edit source]

June 1 to July 20, 2016[edit | edit source]

Name Cost
Ocean Life Force 1Gold.png
Deep Sea Kelp 1Gold.png
Golden Honey 1Gold.png
Fog Mushroom 1Gold.png
Evil Spirit Root 1Gold.png
Misty Woods Antidote 1Silver.png
Element of Hongmoon 10Silver.png
Hongmoon Jewel 10Silver.png
Mushin's Tower - 5F Ticket 10Silver.png
Mushin's Tower - 13F Ticket 10Silver.png
Hongmoon Key 10Copper.png
Hongmoon Unsealing Charm 10Copper.png
Chungshil Premium Kaoliang Ju 1Silver.png
Misty Woods Key 25Silver.png
Soulstone Plains Key 25Silver.png
Master Field Repair Tool 1Silver.png
Pirate Emblem 5Silver.png
Faction Insignia 5Silver.png
Blackwyrm Roar Resistance Charm 5Silver.png
Soulstone Plains Prestige Points Charm 10Silver.png
Bruiser Charm 10Silver.png
Heroic Friendship Charm 10Silver.png
Invigorating Mamosu Stew 10Silver.png
Hongmoon Hot Dragon Soup 10Silver.png
Delicious Soup 10Silver.png
Hongmoon Brilliant Moonwater Key 2Gold.png 50Silver.png
Hongmoon Brilliant Silverfrost Key 2Gold.png 50Silver.png
First Map Piece 50Silver.png
Second Map Piece 50Silver.png
Third Map Piece 50Silver.png
Moonstone 25Silver.png
10 Moonstone Bundle 2Gold.png 50Silver.png
100 Moonstone Bundle 25Gold.png
Soulstone 3Silver.png
3 Soulstone Bundle 10Silver.png
5 Soulstone Bundle 15Silver.png
100 Soulstone Bundle 2Gold.png 50Silver.png
Naryu Tablet 1Gold.png
Moonwater Tear 5Silver.png
Silverfrost Dew 5Silver.png
Moonwater Refining Stone 5Silver.png
Silverfrost Valor Stone 5Silver.png
Moonwater Valor Stone 5Silver.png
Naryu Coin 5Silver.png
Fabric 27Silver.png
Experience Charm Fragment 5Silver.png
Experience Charm Fragment Pouch 15Silver.png
Excellent Experience Charm 1Gold.png
Naryu Silver 5Silver.png
Poharan's Perfume 5Silver.png
Hae Mujin's Machismo 10Silver.png
Naryu Labyrinth Relic Piece 5Silver.png
Siren Emblem 5Silver.png
High Quality Fabric 50Silver.png
Warrior Token 5Silver.png
Naksun Badge 5Silver.png
Evolved Stone 10Silver.png
Mirage Crystal 5Silver.png
Mysterious Crystal 1Gold.png
Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Peridot 10Gold.png
Petal of Lament 10Gold.png
Flower of Lament 50Gold.png
Honorary Ornament 1Gold.png
10 Honorary Ornament Bundle 10Gold.png
Frozen Stinger 20Silver.png
10 Frozen Stinger Bundle 2Gold.png
Yeti Soul Shield piece 10Silver.png
Asura Soul Shield piece 30Silver.png
Yeti Weapon Chest 1Gold.png
Asura Weapon Chest 1Gold.png
Scorpio Weapon Chest 1Gold.png
Breeze Weapon Chest 1Gold.png
Pink Snow Raiment 5Gold.png
Cobalt Widow Wig 5Gold.png
Bloody Order 5Gold.png
Pirate King 5Gold.png
Obsidian Serpent 5Gold.png
Pale Wanderer 5Gold.png
Dark Wanderer 5Gold.png
Pirate's Ego 5Gold.png
Feline Frisky 5Gold.png
Poharan's Eyepatch 5Gold.png
Gangplank Style 5Gold.png
Scarlet Widow Mask 5Gold.png
Snowfield Fur Headgear 5Gold.png
Cobalt Widow Blindfold 5Gold.png
Infernal Lord's Eyebrow 5Gold.png
Infernal Lord's Mask 5Gold.png
Burning Flames 5Gold.png
Noble of the Sea 5Gold.png
Blackram General Uniform 5Gold.png
Old Stratus Empire Armor 5Gold.png
Wind God 5Gold.png
Wind Horns 5Gold.png
Wind Aura 5Gold.png
Thunder God 5Gold.png
Thunder Horns 5Gold.png
Thunder Aura 5Gold.png
Sealed Palace Raiment 5Gold.png