Man with a Plan

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Subquest.png Man with a Plan
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Type Side
Daily No
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Starts in Everdusk
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Ends in Whalesong Cove
Turn in to Orpun
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Rewards 200 XP
Premium Level
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On the way from Everdusk to Gloomdross Forest, you'll encounter Bamboo Village Residents Namun and Gyungdu following a group of piglets. Escort and save them from Dusk Adder Ambushers, loot the corpses, and open Orpun's Diary of Ambition to receive the quest.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Obtain Orpun's 5-Year Plan from a Dusk Adder Ambusher
  2. Speak with Orpun at Whalesong Cove

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Obtain Orpun's 5-Year Plan from a Dusk Adder Ambusher

"I will never forget your bravery."
"Thank you for your help."
"C'mon, piggies. I think we're safe now."
"The gods bless us."
Orpun's Motivational Diary:
"Dear Orpun, This me, Past You, writing to Future Me.
If you are not successful yet, you will be soon. Trust me. I have this all figured out. All we gotta do is strike it rich.
You're probably wondering, "But how am I gonna get rich?" If you haven't figured that out by now then you're slacking off, Future Me!
There's plenty of ways to get rich. Invent something or become a doctor, or a chef, or a scholar, or a fisherman! See? Just get out there and try it all.
Remember, Future Me, never return home unless you're rich and famous. And don't lose this journal!"
"Orpun's 5-Year Plan
A diary of an ambitious man."

2. Talk to Orpun at Whalesong Cove

"Gah! Are you undead?"
"You're alive! I mean, you're not undead. If you were undead you'd tell me, right?"
I'm not undead.
"Sorry about that. I just... these corrupted townspeople... ruining everything. I can't die here. I'm not rich yet!"
I found your journal.
"My journal! I thought I'd never see it again. This journal is very important to my future. You, uh, didn't read this, did you? (Everything will get back on track now.)
Of course you didn't. A trustworthy warrior like you wouldn't do that. Anyway, I'm leaving this village. Hamatai is a good teacher and all, but blacksmithing is too much work. He'll probably be a revenant in a day or so anyway. (There's no money in blacksmithing.)"