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Title The Mistwalker
Faction Cerulean Order
Level 50
Race Lyn
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Moves with storyline
First Quest
The Eight Masters
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You're back! You are the one from my vision!
I see much hardship ahead for you.
~ Madun

Madun the Mistwalker is one of the Eight Masters and a clairvoyant. He sees vision of the future that very reliably come true, despite the other masters doubting his ability at times.

Madun hails from Brightstone Village where he was considered the strongest of all the villagers. He spent some time traveling but when he returned from a trip sixteen years before the current storyline, Brightstone was being invaded by the Talus Dominion, led by the new Emissary, Jinsoyun. He quickly enters the village in search of survivors. After dousing the flames at the mayor's house, he finds a badly injured Kuwin with her son Ilsim crying over her. Kuwin, knowing that she is dying, asks Madun to take Ilsim to Mayor Taywo. Madun honors her request and joins up with the surviving villagers and Mayor Taywo in the passageway leading to the Skygate. Since the Talus troops were taking control of the Soulstone Mine and destabilizing the Skygate which is the only method of escape, Mayor Taywo suggests that they give up willingly in hopes that they can prevent more casualties. However, the village Shaman, Won Unjay, believes that with Madun's help, the villagers could at least take back the Skygate to evacuate the village. However, Jinsoyun is one step ahead and kills all the villagers before the Skygate fully opened. She marks Madun with the Mark of the Black Rose, which she initially meant for Iksanun.

Madun retreats from the world and with Iksanun's help, purges the Marks of the Black Rose through the Way of Enlightenment. Having seen a vision that the One who could defeat Jinsoyun and fight back the darkness that clouds the world, he gathers the Eight Masters at the Cave of Judgment. The hero then falls through the floor in front of them. Madun and the other masters use their Chi to counteract some of the Dark Chi in the hero's body, but Madun stops them short as the hero could not withstand anymore.

Madun is then seen again at Yehara's Mirage after the hero has returned from Mushin's Tomb. Though Iksanun had been missing, Madun had a vision of Iksanun in Moonwater Plains. He urges the hero to find Iksanun who can mentor the hero through the Way of Enlightenment to lift the Mark of the Black Rose. He asks the hero to meet him at the Blindeye Bazaar where he will perform a Mind Projection which will give the hero insight into Iksanun's whereabouts and the extent of Jinsoyun's damage. At the Blindeye Bazaar, Madun uses a Dragon Pulse to project his past memories into the hero showing all the Talus Dominion's invasion of Brightstone Village. With the same Dragon Pulse, the hero is sent to the present day Brighstone Occupation.

Madun isn't seen again until after the hero's failed attempt at killing Jinsoyun. He gathered the Eight Masters at the Sanctum of the Eight where the hero had gone to commit suicide. He and the Eight Masters all use up their Chi to finally rid the hero of Dark Chi corruption once and for all. Madun and the Eight Masters sacrifice their lives and are turned to stone in the process.

Don't let our sacrifice be in vain!
~ Madun's last words

Locations[edit | edit source]

Cave of Mastery
Cave of Judgment

Quests[edit | edit source]