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Lycan the Mighty

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Lycan the Mighty
Lycan the Mighty.jpg
Title Wolf God
Faction Lycandi Tribe
Level 50
Race Sacred Beast
Gender Female
Class N/A
Profession [[]]
Location Lycandi Foothills
First Quest
Unknown edit
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Lycan the Mighty is one of the Sacred Beasts of Moonwater Plains. The people of the Lycandi Tribe worship her as a god and are said to have descended from her, thus bear her markings and ears. The Lycandi are also entrusted with ensuring that she does not awake early from her purification process and if she should, they are also to seal her away again.

Thirty years ago, during the fall of Highland Central, she fought alongside the Four Guardians and the other Sacred Beasts against the demons sweeping the city. Because of her prolonged exposure to Dark Chi, she put herself into stasis, becoming a stone statue overlooking the Lycandi Foothills, to purify herself.

However, due to Jinsoyun's tampering in the natural flow of energy, the disturbance causes Lycan to awake early from her sleep. She begins a rampage through the Lycandi Den into the Lycandi Foothills to reach the place of sealing, an area surrounded by stone pillars. She creates shadows of herself which contain her essence in the form of orbs. The hero defeats the shadows, retrieves the orbs, and seals Lycan the Mighty. As the one who saved her spirit from corruption, she grants her Life Force to the hero.