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Lost Soldiers

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Subquest.png Lost Soldiers
Lost Soldiers.png
Type Side
Daily No
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Act Act , Chapter
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Followed by [[]]
Given by Moyong Wyn
Starts in Earthseer Hermitage
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Ends in Earthseer Bulwark
Turn in to Ji Changho
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Rewards 1800 XP
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Moyong Wyn
  2. Defeat the Corrupted Han Soldiers (0/10)
  3. Talk to Ji Changho

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Moyong Wyn

"Have you ever lost comrades in the line of duty?"
"Then surely you understand my plight. Several of my comrades were dispatched to investigate a commotion at the Earthseer Bulwark. (If only I had stopped them...) Not long after, the screaming began. They were terrible, maddening, heart-wrenching screams! Just listening to them was agaony. So I ran to help. By the time I arrived, my compatriots were already writhing on the ground, surrounded by a dark haze. I tried to help them, but the mist, it burned. A few days later, when the darkness had cleared, I saw my comrades on the road to the Bulwark. I tried to reach out to them, but they... They attacked me! (Please forgive me...) Whoever they were before, there's nothing left of them in those soulless shells. That's why I've decided to set them free. To help them die with honor and dignity, but... But they are still... They still look like my friends. Please, warrior. I don't have the courage to face them. Will you do this for me? Once the deed is done, speak with Earthseer Ritualist Ji Changho. He will see that my comrades' remains are treated properly."

2. Defeat the Corrupted Han Soldiers (0/10)

3. Talk to Ji Changho

"This place is beset by corruption. What brings you here?"
Moyong Wyn's friends are at peace.
"Moyong Wyn has made a difficult choice, but the right one nonetheless. Was it you that freed them from their torment? (Such poor, corrupted souls. Never to see the Spirit Realm...)"
"I see. That was very honorable."