Lost Pet

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Dailyquest.png Lost Pet
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Type Daily
Daily Yes
Class [[]]
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Level 15
Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Mugyul
Starts in Jadestone Village
Also occurs in Lakeside Cache
Ends in Jadestone Village
Turn in to Mugyul
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Rewards 630 XP
1 Key
1 Unsealing Charm
1 Viridian Reward Chest
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Mugyul
  2. Find and subdue Pokey at the Lakeside Cache
  3. Talk to Mugyul

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Mugyul

"Why does this keep happening?"
"You look mighty familiar, but I can't seem to place why. Anyway, not important. What is important is my scared little Pokey all alone in that cave."
Who is Pokey?
"Pokey is the best pet a guy could ever ask for. She has the cutest pincers and the most adorable poison stinger.
(Am I the only one who sees beyong her impenetrable carapace?)
Oh, did I not mention that Pokey is a scorpion? Yup, I bought her off a traveling merchant from the Cinderlands just yesterday.
(Scorpions are perfectly reasonable pets.)
Pokey is so exotic! She is certainly the most unique pet in this crummy town.
People around here get mad at me. They say I'm endangering their lives, but we all know they're just jealous that I have the coolest pet in town.
Sorry, I'm ranting. This is just how I get when I talk about Pokey.
(People seem surprised when I tell them Pokey's named after my mother.)
Back to business. My Pokey wandered into the cave. She has gotten a little big for her leash and I couldn't catch her.
(I hope the Croakers in there didn't hurt her.)
Will you please go in and get her? She must be so scared. Bring her home and I'll gladly reward you. Just, uh, watch out for her tail."
(It should be fine. Pokey's the gentle giant type.)
"Try and sneak up on her if you can."

2. Find and subdue Pokey at the Lakeside Cache

3. Talk to Mugyul

"You're back! But where is Pokey?"
Pokey attacked me and...
"You killed Pokey? Pokey, you were too good for this rotten world! And you! If I couldn't go buy another scorpion right now, I would be so furious. Luckily, I can!"
"And I will name it Pokey."