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Looking for Lusung

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Campaignquest.png Looking for Lusung
Type Campaign
Daily No
Class [[{{{class}}}]]
Act Act 0, Chapter 3
Level 1
Preceded by Morning Time at Heaven's Reach
Followed by Master Hong's Summons
Given by Jinyung
Starts in Heaven's Reach
Also occurs in {{{locations}}}
Ends in Heaven's Reach
Turn in to Lusung
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards Windwalk.png Windwalk - Stage 1
Sprint.png Sprint
Glide.png Glide
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Duration {{{duration}}}

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Ahead of the announced meeting, Yungmuk's usually stoic expression hardened into something resembling concern. What worried him more than his listless brothers and sisters was the prolonged illness of his master. He was Master Hong's right hand, and he was responsible for the safety of those underneath him. But what if something happened to Master Hong? Yungmuk wasn't ready for that kind of leadership.

Yungmuk reflected on the other students, letting his mind wander. Jinyung shared his anguish when others slacked off or shirked in their training, but she didn't have the same conviction, the same passion, that he did. Lusung certainly had that passion, perhaps even more so. He trained the hardest and longest. But he was aloof, and Yungmuk wasn't sure Lusung would prove much of a leader. Perhaps it would take all three of them to keep the Hongmoon School together should the unthinkable happened and Master Hong pass away. Yungmuk quickly drove the dark image from his mind.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Find Yungmuk in the courtyard
  2. Speak with Yungmuk
  3. Find Brother Lusung
  4. Speak with Lusung

Progress[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"Where in the Earthen Realm is Brother Lusung?
Ah! I can hear Yungmuk calling. We better go. He's over here. Follow me!"

1. Find Yungmuk in the courtyard

"Come on, sleepyhead! We've got a big day today. Up and at 'em!"

2. Speak with Yungmuk.

"It's about time you got up."
"You overslept, Cricket. I won't have any disciples slacking on my watch.
Master has called a meeting outside his quarters. Lusung's off somewhere and I want you and Jinyung to find him. The meeting starts in a few minutes, so hurry."
  • You have learned Windwalk.png Windwalk - Stage 1!
  • You have learned Sprint.png Sprint!

3. Find Brother Lusung. Press the Key Alphabet W 128.pngKey Alphabet W 128.png keys, or press Key Shift Big 128.png while holding Key Alphabet W 128.png to travel quickly using Sprint.

"Hurry along, Cricket. I'll see you both at the Master's Quarters."
"You are supposed to be following Jinyung."
"Master is too soft on these students."
"I know where Lusung is. Let's go tell him about the meeting. Try and keep up, Cricket! I bet Lusung's up there!"

Cutscene[edit | edit source]

"The clouds are rolling in."
"Lusung! Brother Lusung!"
"What are you doing here? Everyone's waiting."
"Yes, I was about to head down. Oh, our little Cricket is up early today!"
"With my help, I might add.
"Hm? What's the matter?"
"Over there!
Oh... maybe not. But... there was a woman in white in the sky."
"Still half asleep, hm? Haha."
"No, she was there! I swear!"

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

4. Speak with Lusung

"Lusung wanders off by himself sometimes..."
"This place brings me peace."
"The bird that greets the rising sun is the first to eat its fill."
Uh... What does that mean?
"It means those who train hard will be rewarded. Your day will come, Cricket. I'm hopeful that mine will come soon. Should we go to the Duel Hall?"
  • You have learned Glide.png Glide!