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Lee Sunghui

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Lee Sunghui
Lee Sunghui.jpg
Title Highland Central Citizen
Faction None
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Race Jin
Gender Female
Class N/A
Profession [[]]
Location Deceased
First Quest
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Lee Sunghui was Stratus Director General Doyung's wife and the mother of Doyuhan.

History[edit | edit source]

Thirty years prior, Lee Sunghui lived in Highland Central with her husband, General Doyung, and her son, Doyuhan. On the day Highland Central fell, she fled with her family and other Highland citizens to the Highland Refuge where they assumed they would be safe. However, she and several other citizens ended up infected by Dark Chi. She respected her husband's decision to kill her in order to prevent her from turning into a demon. After seeing her son run off to safety, she expresses her love for her husband and that she would wait for him in the afterlife before she is struck down.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

Her spirit appears before the hero and Chieftain Hammerjaw as they travel through the Fallen Refuge to destroy Doyung's undead spirit. She begs them to spare her husband as it is not his fault. She explains that he is forever trapped like all the other spirits, having to relive the fateful day he perished over and over again. She asks for the hero to simply weaken Doyung so that she can call out to her husband and bring him to his senses.

She is relieved to see her husband come to after battling the Chieftain and the hero. Once Doyung and his soldier's spirits are finally put to rest, she passes on to the afterlife alongside her husband.