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Lee Soedol

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Lee Soedol
Lee Soedol.jpg
Title Forgekeepers
Level 10
Race Gon
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Tanjay Kilns
Services Weapon Merchant
First Quest
Unknown edit
Map Icon
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If we had the money, we'd hire security to watch our patrons. The Blackram keep coming in here incognito and stealing from our paying guests!
Oops! My wallet! Whew, it's still here.
~ Lee Soedol

Lee Soedol is the Weapon Merchant at the Tanjay Kilns. He only sells Repair Tools and level 11 white weapons.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Repairtool.png Repair Tool 6Silver.png 10Copper.png
Stone Sword M Icon.png Stone Sword 50Copper.png
Stone Gauntlet M Icon.png Stone Gauntlet 50Copper.png
Stone Staff M Icon.png Stone Staff 50Copper.png
Stone Bangle M Icon.png Stone Bangle 50Copper.png
Stone Axe M Icon.png Stone Axe 50Copper.png
Stone Dagger M Icon.png Stone Dagger 50Copper.png