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Joining the Battle

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Factionquest.png Joining the Battle
Gungwon (Crimson).png
Type Faction
Daily No
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Act Act , Chapter
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Preceded by [[]]
Followed by Blood in the Sand
Given by Yujan
Starts in Sandstone Refuge
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Ends in Gungwon
Turn in to Crimson Command Post
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Rewards 600 XP
10 Faction Contribution Points
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Yujan
  2. Wear the Crimson Legion uniform and visit the Crimson Command Post

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Yujan

"Hello there. You seem like a capable martial artist. Are you by chance a member of the Warring Factions?"
I am.
"I am Yujan, mayor of Sandstone Refuge. Which faction do you belong to?"
The Crimson Legion.
"I knew it. We are good friends with the Crimson Legion here. Very good friends. We often joke about what a group of uptight cowards the Cerulean Order is! Haha! (How fortunate a Crimson Legion member is here!)
I despise the Crimson... Sorry, I mean the Cerulean Order. The day the Crimson Legion puts them all down can't come soon enough! (Sandstone could use friends in the Warring Factions.)
In fact, I have prepared a gift for the Crimson Legion.
It's nothing big, just a token of Sandstone Refuge's respect for such a noble group.
Please, would you deliver this gift to the Crimson outpost in the desert?"
I will.
"Thank you, warrior. Be safe and remember to wear the Crimson Legion uniform or your own allies may mistake you for the enemy!"

2. Wear the Crimson Legion uniform and visit the Crimson Command Post

"You're the warrior from Captain Dochun's clan! You saved Bamboo Village from the Blackram!"
Do I know you?
"I'm Gungwon, from the Bamboo Guard. Come on, you don't remember me?"
"That's fine. After we defeated the Blackram, the Bamboo Guard got pretty boring. I missed the action, so I joined the Crimson Legion. By the way, what is that in your hand?"
It's a gift from Mayor Yujan.
"Excellent! What is it? Ooh, a bottle of soju. Very nice year, too. It's great being part of the Crimson Legion. I see you've joined as well. (I get so much free stuff as a member of the Warring Factions!)"
I have.
"You won't regret it. The Crimson Legion takes care of its own! You will find yourself right at home here. It's never a dull moment here, especially if you enjoy the thrill of combat. See you on the battlefield, comrade!"