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Race [[]]
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Heaven's Reach
First Quest
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Jinbin is a clumsy albeit enthusiastic student of the new Hongmoon School. He used to live in Sandstone Refuge before he left for Heaven's Reach to become the Hongmoon hero's student. He is fiercely protective of anyone he deems as his family as he had none of his own.

History[edit | edit source]

Jinbin lost his parents when angry spirits destroyed Sandstone Village. The Yonkai Brigade and other villagers often bullied him because he was an orphan thus he often hid in the passage way between the Tomun Range and the Scorching Sands to avoid their abuse. Even so, when he can, he enjoys helping Dokdan the Healer and treats Miryung like the sister he never had since they are the only ones to treat him with any kindness.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

The hero encounters Jinbin hiding from the Yonkai Brigade as they travel to Sandstone Refuge. He entreats the hero to take them as a student so that he can become strong enough to fight back against the Yonkai Brigade and protect others from them as well. Despite the hero's insistence that they are not a teacher, Jinbin takes it as modesty and announces himself as the hero's disciple. He suggests the hero visit Dokdan the Healer in the Sandstone Refuge.

He is excited to see the hero arrive at Dokdan's home. When the hero returns with the Arrowroot Dokdan recommended gathering, Jinbin eagerly to make them an Arrowroot rice ball, continuing to call the hero their master. When he sees Miryung being dragged into the mines, he runs to find the hero at the remains of Lusung's home. He questions why the hero tried to move Lusung's parents' bodies from where Colonel Yonkai had left them. He begs the hero to save Miryung, believing they have the strength necessary to do it.

When the hero returns to Sandstone Refuge after rescuing Miryung, Jinbin tearfully asks the hero to save Miryung again as she had been grabbed by the villagers for angering Yonkai again.

When the hero leaves to handle matter with Yonkai, Jinbin is disheartened to see them go. He is disappointed that he can't go with them as he feels he needs to stay and protect Miryung. He still hopes to become the hero's disciple one day and promises to train in the meantime.

Interlude[edit | edit source]

Following Jinsoyun's defeat, Jinbin hears that the hero was starting up the Hongmoon School again (though this was just Bunyang and Bunah's ploy to make money) and leaves Sandstone Refuge to become a disciple. However, he never arrives at Heaven's Reach. The hero discovers Jinbin as one of the many children captured by the Ebondrake Cult in the Twilight Pagoda being led into a dark portal, entranced by Gwihan's flute music. Once rescued, he travels to Heaven's Reach, requesting that he become a disciple of the new Hongmoon School and is absolutely overjoyed when he is accepted.

Second Arc[edit | edit source]