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Jang Jongwon

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Jang Jongwon
Jang Jongwon.jpg
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Race Jin
Gender Male
Class N/A
Profession [[]]
Location Clear Sky Village
First Quest
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Jang Jongwon is the son of Clear Sky Village Mayor Jang Yeo.

He had loved fellow Clear Sky Villager Yesana since they were children, however Yesana fell in love with and married Muyong. He never told Yesana about his feeling since he wanted Yesana to be happy.

When Clear Sky came under Colonel Yonkai's control and was forced to move supplies for his brigade, the Grimhorn became angered and began kidnapping villagers. The hero needed information on the Mu Family which was last heard to have lived in Clear Sky Village, so they headed into Grimhorn Altar of Champions to release the kidnapped villagers.

Jang Jongwon was amongst the kidnapped villagers and asked the hero to tell Yonkai that it was much too dangerous to move supplies for him any longer. He tells the hero that the Mu Family died out in the Stratus-Talus War except for Yesana who was with child. He also explains that Yesana was killed by mysterious assassins that came to Clear Sky right after the war. Her body was discovered by Lotus Lake and supposedly her child perished alongside her. A giant lotus blossom blooms at the spot she died and villagers claim to see her spirit wandering around the spot occasionally. Though he had tried numerous times to put Yesana's spirit to rest, there were too many Grimhorn occupying the area for him to do so. He asks the hero to go in his stead and bring her spirit home.

The hero goes and puts Yesana's spirit to rest and takes the lotus flower to his home in Clear Sky Village. He is happy to have the lotus to look after and admits his feelings for her still. He regrets feeling that Yesana may have survived if she married him instead. He promises to look after the flower as something to remember her by.