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Title Jakdan the Worldly
Faction The Three Sages
Level ???
Race ???
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Mushin's Tower (prev. Jakdan's House)
First Quest
Unknown edit
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Jakdan the Worldly is one of the Three Sages, charged with guarding Mushin's Legacy.

History[edit | edit source]

Thousands of years before, Jakdan, along with the other Sages, helped raise the young Mushin who was spurned by his siblings for being the bastard child of the Naryu Emperor. After Mushin sacrificed himself to seal the gate to the Dark Realm, the Three Sages helped design Mushin's Tomb where Mushin's Legacy was to be kept.

Over the millennia, Jakdan continued guard the secret to Mushin's Legacy.

Current Timeline[edit | edit source]

The hero initially meets Jakdan at his house outside the Mandrake Grotto. He is titled Jakdan the Drunkard, spending majority of his time heavily inebriated. Jakdan expresses his dislike of the Great Kiln Festival, claiming that it's all a dull, boring, and stupid affair. However, he is in charge of growing Mandrake Sprouts which fuels the lightning fire for the duration of the festival. In exchange for the Mandrake Sprouts, he is given pots and pots of soju to drink. He sends the hero off to the Mandrake Grotto to gather the Mandrake Sprouts, surprised that the hero is brave enough to handle the Mandrake Sprites.

He appears again after the hero defeats Unhak of the Lotus Shadowless for the Silver Crest. He reveals himself to be one of the Three Sages. He asks the hero why they seek Mushin's Legacy. Despite the hero saying that they seek the Legacy to save Sandstone Refuge, he immediately rebuffs the hero, claiming to be able to smell liars. He also explains that the hero wouldn't be able to access the Legacy anyway, as the hero would need to find both crests and have one of Mushin's heirs. He warns the hero to stop looking for the Legacy as the power of a god brings out the evil in people.

He doesn't appear again until the hero stands before the entrance to Mushin's Tomb, revived by Jiwan's spirit. He jokes that he can kick in the door to the tomb as Dokdan chides him about being drunk all the time. He and the other sages help the hero open the tomb so that the hero can stop Lusung from taking the Legacy. Within the tomb itself, just as the hero is about to finish off Lusung, Jakdan and the other Sages stand before the hero, urging them to save Yunwa's life with the Legacy rather than take it for themselves.

Once Yunwa is revived, the tomb begins to crumble around them. The hero and Yunwa make their escape. Jakdan and the other Sages stand within the falling tomb, as their time in this Realm is done.

Jakdan is seen again in Mushin's Tower offering daily quests for the hero.