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Item Evolution

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The Hongmoon weapon, necklace, ring, and earring can each be upgraded to more powerful equipment. To do so, one must offer weapons to upgrade the Hongmoon weapon, or accessories to upgrade the hongmoon accessories. The accessories offered do not have to be the same type as the accessory being upgraded. Offerings always cost money as well.

After offering enough items to upgrade, the hongmoon item can only be upgraded by offering a particular weapon, which can often only be found in a dungeon.

There are rules for upgrading the accessories:

  • If you offer items which are higher level than the item being upgraded, the offering is MUCH more expensive - and not worth it.*
  • You cannot offer items whose level requirement is more than 16 levels below the required level of the hongmoon item.*

(*These were tested while upgrading the level 36 awakened infernal accessories. They may be false for other items.)