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Irash Imase

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Irash Imase
Irash Imase.png
Title Dragon Trade Union
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Race [[]]
Gender Female
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Oakshade Village
Services General Merchant
First Quest
Unknown edit
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If you're going to be heading through the desert, you had better make sure you're well-prepared.
Going in without supplies is suicide.
~ Irash Imase

Irash Imase is the General Merchant in Oakshade Village. She sells an assortment of things.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Her name is a play on the Japanese phrase "irasshaimase," which means "welcome" and is said by employees when a customer enters a shop.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Dumpling.png Dumpling 5Silver.png 80Copper.png
Healingtonic.png Healing Tonic 6Silver.png
Cinderlands Revival Charm 70Copper.png
Unsealingcharm.png Unsealing Charm 10Silver.png 20Copper.png
Key.png Key 10Silver.png 20Copper.png