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Infernal Lord

Infernal Lord has over 290k hp and a variety of attacks:

  • One sided aoe claw attack – easily avoidable.
  • Frontal fire breath attack – easily avoidable (move to the side not backwards when dodging)
  • Grab – not avoidable.
  • Jump and squash attack – easily avoidable.
  • Single target ranged attack – He ‘powers up’ a little then starts shooting fireballs at you. You can avoid a few but some will more than likely hit you.
  • Charge attack – He rolls into a ball and charges in one direction – Avoidable but must see it early.
  • Full area aoe attack x3- This covers the entire platform you fight on. He normally does these about 3x in a row, and they damage each time. You can however cancel these with a stun of your own.
  • Full area aoe attack – Generally after the first 3 full area attack he does 1 more which deals heavy heavy damage