Infernal Axe

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Infernal Axe
Icon for Infernal Axe. Attack Power 147
Critical 52
Block 22
Triggers 9.0% Critical Rate bonus for 12 sec.
Tooltip Growth.png True Blight Axe Stage 10 + Infernal Axe = Awakened Infernal Axe Stage 1
Offering.gif Offering for weapons that require Level 1-45
Processed Goods
[[File:{{{fp_img}}}|32px|]] Name

Processing Rate
InfernalAxeIcon.PNG = [[File:{{{fp_img}}}|32px|]]

Acquired from
Dspire.png Tomb of Exiles
Campaignquest.png Chapter 41: Reunions and Revelations
Requires Level
by All
Requires Level 36
Destroyer Only
unable to trade
Summontime: {{{summontime}}} hr.
Appearance Change and Export Available
Bound to Account
Durability {{{durability}}} / {{{durability}}}
Sell Price   20 Copper.png
Purchase Price  
Purchase Price  {{{zen}}} Zenbean.png
Purchase Price   {{{nc}}} Store Charge.png
Purchase Price   {{{hmp}}} Hongmoon Point Icon.png
Purchase Price   {{{bravery}}} Grocery Coin NokRimBoss.png
Purchase Price   {{{bpoint}}} Map DragonFruit Nomal.png
Purchase Price   {{{henergy}}} Quest blue ball.png
Purchase Price   {{{senergy}}} Solar energy.png

Infernal Axe is an Evolution weapon for Destroyers.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

A Locked Infernal Weapon Chest has a chance of being obtained from the Dspire.png Tomb of Exiles dungeon or as a quest reward from Campaignquest.png Chapter 41: Reunions and Revelations. Open the box with a Hongmoon Key or a Key for a random chance of receiving a Sealed weapon, or open with a Brilliant Cinderlands Key to receive your Sealed class weapon.

It is inadvisable to use the weapon for combat purposes or to unseal it unless using the weapon for Evolution or when exporting the appearance of the Weapon.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

This Weapon is needed for the True Blight Axe Stage 10 to Evolve to Awakened Infernal Axe Stage 1.

Gallery[edit | edit source]