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Hungbu and the Swallow

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Subquest.png Hungbu and the Swallow
Hungbu and the Swallow.png
Type Side
Daily Yes
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Act Act , Chapter
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Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Hungbu
Starts in The Stumpyards
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Ends in The Stumpyards
Turn in to Hungbu
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Rewards 1400 XP
1 Cinderlands Valor Stone
1 Cinderlands Reward Chest
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Hungbu
  2. Open the Gourd
    Defeat the Southpyre Vanguards (0/6)
  3. Report to Hungbu

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Hungbu

"Hey there! You're that hero everybody in the village is jabberin' about, right?"
I am.
"Aw shoot, it sure is an honor to meet ya. I'd shake your hand, but they're a bit dirty from workin'. I uh, got somethin' embarrasin' to ask. A favor. It's a pretty weird request, to be honest and I normally wouldn't even think about botherin' a warrior of your stature with it... But it's for my kids, so... Are you familiar with the myth of the swallow and the magic gourd?"
The hollow plant?
"It's a fairy tale. I told it to all my kids. It's about this magic bird that goes around helpin' poor people. If you've been really good and virtuous, this bird visits you and gives you a magic seed. The magic seed grows into a big ol' gourd and inside are jewels and money and stuff. My kids all loved the story so I went and planted a buncha gourds at our house for fun. Well... It was our house. Those Tyrian Cult thugs came in and kicked us out. We got out with our lives, which is the important bit, but... (What kind of man can't defend his family? His home?) It'd mean a lot to my kids if you could recover these "magic gourds" from the house. Oh, and if you bloody a few Tyrian noses on the way I wouldn't mind that, neither."

2. Open the Gourd
Defeat the Southpyre Vanguards (0/6)

3. Report to Hungbu

"You look perplexed, warrior. Did somethin' happen at the house? (I hope they got up on the roof without any trouble.)"
There was a letter in the gourd.
"A letter? Inside the gourd? You're pullin' my leg."
It's true. It's from the "Swallow."
"Gods be! You're not kiddin'! And it's from the Swallow? The one from the story? Let me see that letter, friend!"
Here you go.
"Dear Hungbu,
There has never been a king or lord who won their kingdom from inside a gourd. There is treasure for you, as you shall learn, but I'm sorry to say it must be earned. And if this soil will not yield, perhaps try working a different field?
How strange. Very poetical for a bird. If you don't mind, I'm gonna let all this percolate for a bit in the ol' noggin. I'll talk to you, later. (I hate riddles. I'll get my boy Manbok on it. He loves this stuff.)"