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Title Stratus General
Faction Stratus Empire
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Race Jin
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Moves with storyline
First Quest
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Hojao is a Stratus Empire General and adoptive father of Doyuhan.

History[edit | edit source]

During the fall of Highland Central, Hojao was among the many soldiers and citizens convened in the Highland Refuge for safety. After dispatching the infected citizens, Doyung entrusted his son, Doyuhan, to him. Hojao took Doyuhan to safety outside of the city and raised him as his own, despite being only a few years older.

When Doyuhan came of age, he joined the Stratus Army alongside Hojao who had risen in the ranks to become a general. However, wanting a better life for Doyuhan, Hojao dismissed him from the army to pursue a quieter life. When he heard that Doyuhan was a part of the Skyhaven Resistance, he had some reservations about Doyuhan rejoining warfare again, but did his best to support him anyway.

With supplies dwindling and his soldier's morale at an all time low a the Besieged Camp, he reached out to the Skyhaven Resistance for aide but never heard word back. He assumed that Doyuhan was simply unable to convince the Skyhaven leader to assist them.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

Hojao is surprised that the hero would go out of their way to escort Doyuhan to the campsite. When the hero asks for his aide on behalf of the Skyhaven Resistance, he asks where the Skyhaven support was when he had sent multiple requests for it. He feels duty bound to protect Doyuhan, but at the same time cannot abandon his post at the Besieged Camp with the Talus forces constantly attacking from one side and the undead Stratus soldiers attacking from the other. He asks the hero to secure an escape route and collect his soldiers remains to perform a proper burial later before he can consider joining the resistance. He sends sends majority of his soldiers back home while he gathers his most loyal ones to join the Skyhaven Resistance. When he swore his oath to the Skyhaven Resistance, Doyuhan asked if he would stand by him come what may and Hojao agreed despite not understanding what he meant.

He arrives with his soldiers at the Brightstone Occupation to assist the Skyhaven in retaking the Skygate. In front of the Soulstone Mine, he discovers Doyuhan's treachery and manages to injure him with the hero's help before Doyuhan flees. Despite his fatherly feelings towards Doyuhan, he cannot bring himself to accept what Doyuhan had become. He explains that there was a time that Doyuhan truly believed in the resistance. He regrets the lives lost because of Doyuhan's betrayal and expresses remorse for raising such a man, but urges the hero to press on in retaking the Skygate. He and a group of Skyhaven Resistance members help carve a path to the Skygate where they hold of Talus forces for the hero to join Yunma Fei and Iksanun.

It is unclear whether Hojao survived as Brightstone was overcome with Dark Chi, turning everyone into demons. If Hojao survived, he presumably returned to his post within the Stratus Army.