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Hide and Sneak

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Campaignquest.png Hide and Sneak
Hide and Sneak.jpg
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 9, Chapter 6
Preceded by Water Under the Bridge
Followed by Ryu's Return
Given by [[]]
Starts in [[]]
Also occurs in
Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 443,250 XP
1 Stormbringer Pet Aura
1Gold.png 38Silver.png 53Copper.png
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Choi Jina "I was hoping there'd be fewer guards. We'll have to be quick... and quiet. The guards should be fairly easy to evade, but there are probably Ebondrake assassins waiting in the shadows as well."

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Leave the Hideout and go to the Breezeway
  2. Follow Choi Jina and speak with her
  3. Go behind the supplies
  4. Keep watch while hiding behind the crates and speak with Choi Jina
  5. Follow Choi Jina onto the roof
  6. Glide along with Choi Jina
  7. Go up the watchtower without being caught and speak with Choi Jina
  8. 0/2 Go to the next watchtower and knock out the Sentries
  9. Go behind the supplies
  10. Help Choi Jina knock out the Sentries
  11. Speak with Choi Jina
  12. 0/4 Glide to next depot and knock out the Sentries without being caught
  13. Glide to find Choi Jina
  14. Speak with Choi Jina
  15. Meet with Choi Jina at the Second Floor of the Imperator's Tower
  16. Speak with Choi Jina