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Image manipulation begins either by uploading an image through the wiki's upload page or by manipulating an existing image. You must be logged in to upload images. Images stored on the wiki are saved in the File: namespace.

Supported media types for images[edit source]

The following file formats are supported by default:

  • .jpg or .jpeg : bitmap image compressed in the standard JPEG format (this lossy format is most suitable for photographs).
  • .png : bitmap image in the Portable Network Graphics format (specified by the W3 Consortium).
  • .gif : bitmap image in the legacy Graphics Interchange Format. Animated gifs work, too.

Adding an image to a page[edit source]

Any image hosted on the wiki can be added to a page and further manipulated using the following syntax options.

Syntax[edit source]

The basic syntax for displaying an image is:

For example: [[File:Viridian Coast.png]]

To mainpulate an image, the additional syntax is:

[[File:Viridian Coast.png|''options''|''caption'']]
For example: [[File:Viridian Coast.png|50px|The Viridian Coast.]]

Options may consist of the following, separated by pipes ( | ):

  • Formatting: border, frameless, frame or thumb
    These control how the rendered image is formatted and embedded in the page.
  • Resizing:
    • (width)px — Resizes the image to fit within the given maximum width in pixels without restricting its height.
    • x(height)px — Resizes the image to fit within the given maximum height in pixels, without restricting its width
    • (width)x(height)px — Resizes the image to fit within the given width and height in pixels
    • upright — Resizes an image to fit within reasonable dimensions according to user preferences (suitable for images whose height is larger than width).
The default maximum size depends on the format and the internal image dimensions (according to its media type).
  • Horizontal alignment: left, right, center or none
    Controls the horizontal alignment (and inline/block or floating styles) of the image within text (no default value).
  • Vertical alignment: baseline, sub, super, top, text-top, middle, bottom or text-bottom
    Controls the vertical alignment of a non-floating inline image with the text before or after the image and in the same block (the default vertical alignment is middle).
  • Link:
    • link=(target) — Allows users to open the target page when clicking on the image.

If a parameter does not match any of the other possibilities, it is assumed to be the caption text. Caption text only shows below images in the thumb and frame formats. Caption text displayed in the thumb and frame formats may contain wiki links and other formatting.