Gwak Chil

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Gwak Chil
Gwak Chil.jpg
Title Bamboo Guard
Faction Bamboo Guard
Race Jin
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Windrest
First Quest
Captain Dochun
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Gwak Chil was a member of the Bamboo Guard. Currently he is a pig farmer at Windrest.

History[edit | edit source]

After his sister was killed by the Blackram Marauders during one of their raids, Gwak Chil enlisted with the Bamboo Guard to protect Bamboo Village from further attacks.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

When the hero awakens in Bamboo Village during a Blackram raid, they go out to rescue a fallen Guard member who turns out to be Gwak Chil. He is brought to the Healing House severely injured. The village doctor, Gwak Jun expresses to the hero his fear that Gwak Chil will never be the same. Despite all of his injuries, he requests to properly thank the hero for his rescue. With the hero's help in gathering the proper medicine to help Gwak Chil's bones properly set, he is able to walk again. At Bamboo Lookout, another Bamboo Guard named Munwi asks the hero to help concoct a special medicine to further aid in Gwak Chil's recovery. Gwak Chil expresses his gratitude and requests the hero keep his condition quiet as he doesn't want to be pitied.

Later on, Gwak Chil, who fully recovers while the hero journeys to face Jinsoyun, leads a team of Bamboo villagers to Heaven's Reach in order to repair the dilapidated school. When the hero returns to Heaven's Reach to pay respects to their fallen Hongmoon brothers and sister, he is happy to see the hero and has already prepared the Masters Quarters for the ceremony. He had heard of the terrible happenings in Zaiwei and offered to go help the cause, but Dochun requested that he remain with the village continuing the rebuild the school until the hero's return.

Second Arc[edit | edit source]

After Jinsoyun's defeat, Gwak Chil continued to restore Heaven's Reach to its former glory until Bunyang and Bunah arrived, falsely claiming the school as their own. Worried about the strange influx of "students" at Heaven's Reach, he sends a letter out to Dochun about the situation and does his best to keep everything under control.

He is glad to see the hero return but expresses his annoyance at the hooligans stirring up a commotion at the rebuilt school. He leads the hero around Heaven's Reach, as the hero solves one crisis after another. He tells the hero his hope that the hero will one day reopen the school and take him as a pupil. He wishes to be able to avenge the death of his sister but the hero warns him against seeking revenge in that way. He decides to return home to his mother for a while.

His time at home is short-lived as his mother encourages him to go out into the world, be productive, and improve his community. He decides to travel to the newly discovered island called Windrest to become a pig farmer. The hero frequently returns to help him with the chores as he is unable to stomach the idea of raising a pig and slaughtering it later.