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Gu Okrim

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Gu Okrim
Gu Okrim.png
Level 5
Race [[]]
Gender Female
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Bamboo Village
Services Clothing Merchant
First Quest
Unknown edit
Map Icon
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Look at these old rags! Please, honey. Let me help you. Here, I'll sell you a new outfit for a great price!
See you again.
~ Gu Okrim

Gu Okrim is the Clothing Merchant in Bamboo Village. She only sells PK faction uniforms.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Costume 20005 col1 JinM.png Cerulean Order Uniform 6Silver.png 50Copper.png
Crimson Legion Uniform.png Crimson Legion Uniform 6Silver.png 50Copper.png