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A Groomer is an NPC in Blade & Soul. Your Summoner cat can be customized with it.

The different NPC sells different options of customizations; Face, Eye Color, Eye, Skin Tone, Body Type and Patterns. Each choice will cost in-game currency.


  1. Viridian Coast: Jadestone Villiage - File:GroomerNPC_JV_Full_Option1-6.jpgclick for options description
  2. The Cinderlands: The Scorching Sands: Sandstone Refuge - File:GroomerNPC_SR_Full_Option1-6.jpgclick for options description
  3. Moonwater Plains: Lycandi Foothills: Lilystalk Tradepost - File:GroomerNPC_LT_Full_Option1-6.jpgclick for options description
  4. Silverfrost Mountains: Zaiwei: Merchant's Square - File:GroomerNPC_Zaiwei_Full_Option1-6.jpgclick for options description
Locations on map in the towns.