Gone Fishing

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Campaignquest.png Gone Fishing
Gone fishing.png
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 1, Chapter 11
Level 9
Preceded by South Anchor's Away!
Followed by Deep in the Gloomdross
Given by Yigan
Starts in Foshi Pyres
Also occurs in Tainted Grotto
Ends in Whalesong Cove
Turn in to Dochun
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Rewards 910 XP
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Lusung awoke to a bone-chilling energy sweeping over his body. He opened his eyes, but darkness was all he could see. His thoughts took him back to Sandstone Village. He had run from that rat bastard Yonkai and his soldiers. He had run from everything. But they caught him, tortured him, and threw him in a cave. After that, hate was the only thing keeping Lusung alive.

"Power is the only cure for injustice," said the darkness to Lusung. It taunted and encouraged him, over and over.

With his family dead, Lusung wandered out of Sandstone, a lost soul. The darkness was his only companion. And when Lusung killed the first Yonkai Brigade soldier, it was the darkness who urged him on as he plunged the knife.

"Strength is power. Power is survivial," said the darkness. Lusung knew the darkness had the power needed. Willingly, he embraced it. Yonkai would pay for what he did, in blood. They would all pay.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Find Dochun in Whalesong Cove
  2. Assist the Villagers (0/7)
  3. Find Dochun in Whalesong Cove
  4. Assist the Desperate Villagers (0/2)
  5. Speak with Gungwon
  6. Find the Lady in Black in the Tainted Grotto
  7. Help Dochun defeat the Corrupted Hulking Cave Augerite
  8. Speak with Dochun
  9. Escort Dochun out of the Tainted Grotto
  10. Speak with Dochun

Progress[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Find Dochun in Whalesong Cove

Injured Villager:
"Help... help... Please..."
"My family... Back in the village... Save them!"
What happened?
"The sky turned dark. Darker than I've ever seen. And then the villagers... they... changed..."

Cutscene[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Injured Villager:
"Please... Help them. I'm begging you."
"Gone. They're all gone."

2. Assist the Villagers (0/7)

3. Find Dochun in Whalesong Cove

"There are villagers still under attack. Help them, Jyan!"
"Hold you ground!"
"This place is evil... tainted!"
"Hurry! Destroy these things!"
"Don't let them touch the captain!"
"Rescue the villagers!"
"Be careful, captain!"
"What happened to them?!"
"Steady, guards!"

4. Assist the Desperate Villagers (0/2)

Desperate Villager: "Someone, help me!"
Corrupted Fisher: "Kill..."
Desperate Villager: "Go away. Just go away!"
Corrupted Fisher: "Flesh..."
Desperate Villager: "Please, don't hurt me!
Desperate Villager: "I was so scared!"

5. Speak with Gungwon

"Hey you! Over here!"
"You're that warrior from Heaven's Reach. Am I glad to see you!"
What's the situation?
"Total chaos. I've been in the Guard for over a decade and I've never seen anything like this."
What caused it?
"No idea. The eyewitness accounts we've been getting from the survivors don't make much sense.
They say a strange fog erupted from the sands and started turning people into those things. All the villagers ran for their lives. Well, everyone except for some weird tall woman who disappeared into a beach cave."
Was this woman wearing black?
"I guess so, yeah. Tall, pale, black outfit, black hair. Why?"
"Hey, wait! The Captain said to stay on the beach!"
"Watch out for the fog. It's turning people into monsters!"
Rescued Villager:
"We need to go now!"
"Stay put and remain calm."
Rescued Villager:
"What'll happen to us? Where will we go?"
"Everyone, please remain calm. The Guard is handling the situation."

6. Find the Lady in Black in the Tainted Grotto

"So you survived. Interesting."
"Yes. You'll do nicely."
"But first, a gift. For you."

7. Help Dochun defeat the Corrupted Hulking Cave Augerite

Corrupted Hulking Cave Augerite:
"Free... Free!"
"Grind rock... grind bones."
"Step back! This will not be easy."

8. Speak with Dochun

"Jyan, are you hurt?"
"This cave is thick with evil. You should not be here."
I was pursuing Jinsoyun.
"The one who killed our master? I fear she may have had a hand in all this.
But our first priority is escaping this cave.
Use the flamethrower. Let's cut a path with fire."

9. Escort Dochun out of the Tainted Grotto

"Follow me. And use that flamethrower! This way!"
"Good work. We're nearly there."
"To think we nearly had Jinsoyun in our grasp."
"All right. Let's get you somewhere safe."

10. Speak with Dochun

"I hope you emerged from the cave unscathed."
"That cave harbors a conduit between realms, but we have closed it for now. Did you pursue Jinsoyun all the way here?"
I have a report here from Yigan.
"I see. Hmm. These latest dealings with the Blackram have been troubling. It all points to a spy in our midst.
I must hurry ahead to the Tanjay Kilns in Gloomdross Forest. Conflict seems to be erupting on every front.
Remember, Jyan, continue to train and recover your strength. Only then can you hope to take on Jinsoyun."