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Going Postal

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Campaignquest.png Going Postal
Going Postal.jpg
Type Campaign
Daily No
Class [[{{{class}}}]]
Act Act 9, Chapter 8
Preceded by Ryu's Return
Followed by The Way Out
Given by [[]]
Starts in [[]]
Also occurs in
Ends in [[]]
Turn in to [[]]
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards 422,125 XP
2 Blackstone
5 Blackstone fragment
1Gold.png 31Silver.png 95Copper.png
Premium Level {{{plvl}}}
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Jinbin "Is Ryo hurt? He was acting so strange earlier. It was like he didn't know us. I just want things to be the way they were. Maybe the important thing is that we're all together again. That's what we wanted, right? We're all together now... in this scary underground sewer... "

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Jinbin in the Hidden Chamber
  2. Speak with Ryu when he wakes up
  3. Speak with Bunah
  4. Follow [[Ryu and talk to him
  5. Follow Ryu to the Royal Dispatch
  6. Speak with Ryu
  7. Write a letter to Yunma Fei
  8. Speak with Ryu
  9. Speak with Nameless Agent Senha at the Royal Dispatch
  10. Open your inventory and read The Blessings of Divinity
  11. Speak with Ryu
  12. Use the secret passage to go to the Hidden Chamber
  13. Speak with Choi Jina
  14. Speak with Bunyang
  15. Speak with Ryu