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Frozen Vipercap Cavern

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Frozen Vipercap Cavern
Giant Golden Vipercap.jpeg
Region Jadestone Village
Nearest Windstride Jadestone Village
Level Requirement 36
Party Requirements 6
Cross Server Matching Yes
Boss Giant Golden Vipercap
Daily Quest Strike Gold
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A cavern full of fungi; some are valuable, others will slow you down.

Part of the Vipercap Gauntlet Event.

Guide[edit | edit source]

  • The dungeon timer starts as soon as someone breaks the Suspicious Jar at the entrance. Please wait for your entire party to load before attacking the jar
  • A slower clear time results in decreased rewards from the dynamic quest Dquest.png Which Box Is It?
  • Run through the cavern as quickly as you can while avoiding the pulling attack of the Wild Golden Vipercaps. Alternatively, you can kill them by throwing a poison ball (obtained by defeating Ice Cavern Poisoncap)
  • At the final boss room, defeat the boss by:
    • Have one person grab aggro on the boss (Cat preferable if there is Summoner in party)
    • Everyone else kill the Ice Cavern Poisoncaps surrounding the boss and throw the poison ball at the boss
    • When boss does his special attack, attack the poisoncaps and make sure you run through the golden spores or you will be frozen in place for a little while

Quests[edit | edit source]